Get to Know Custom Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades

Custom Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades in Smyrna, Georgia (GA) Homes

If you are looking for the most energy-efficient option for custom window treatments for your home, honeycomb shades are your best bet! Energy efficiency is very important when it comes to window treatments. You don’t want all your energy escaping out the window and raising your energy bill every month. Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades are constructed of honeycomb shaped cells which, because of that design, are able to trap either warm or cold air in pockets in order to insulate your home. With more insulation comes less energy consumption, resulting in a lower energy bill each month. This product is designed to prevent the fifty percent of your home’s heating and cooling energy that can escape through windows from doing just that.

The Duette Honeycomb shades are a great option for energy-efficiency, but an even better options is the Duette Architella shade. These shades build off of the same concept of the original Duette shades but add an additional level to them with a second honeycomb within the first one, creating a double cell effect. The result of this design is that you will have even more energy efficiency. If you are looking for extreme insulation, ask us about a third option which feature three honeycombs inside of each other. This creates maximum energy efficiency with triple the sound absorption and triple the heat and cold resistance.

Not only will these shades give you the best bang for your buck, they are also stylish in any home! You can choose from a large variety of different fabrics and colors which you can see here. From light neutral tones to bold, dark tones, there is something for every room. No matter what color or fabric you choose, you can expect a beautiful new look for your home.

These shades are also incredible versatile. You have so many options when customizing them including the way they operate, the directions they open, the materials used, and more. When choosing your materials, you can choose from a opaquer material, giving you room-darkening capabilities or a sheerer look which would allow much more light in even when the shades are closed. Hunter Douglas’s opaque fabrics are like no other and have the ability to block out approximately ninety-nine percent of sunlight from seeping into your home.

You may be worried that you have an odd-shaped window that won’t be able to be covered by these shades. However, worry no more! These shades can be customized to fit a variety of unique window and door shapes. We have installed these on arches, angles, trapezoids, hexagon/octagons, circles/ovals, bay and corner windows, patio/sliding-glass doors, French doors, skylights, and sidelights.

To learn more about Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades, give us a call here at Giordano Window Treatments or visit our showroom which is located in Smyrna, Georgia. From our showroom, we service the surrounding area, including Vining, Buckhead, and Marietta. If you’d like to schedule an on-site consultation, we will gladly bring our showroom to you. Shopping our Hunter Douglas sample books in your own home allows you to decide what products and fabrics would go best with your current designs, making the process of purchasing custom window treatments so much easier. Our talented team of designers is excited to help you get started in finding the best custom window treatments for your home.