About Us

We have been making fine custom window treatments and bedding for over 25 years and have been serving the design industry with residential and commercial product in the Atlanta area since 2001, and before that, in the Boone, NC area from 1990.    Our work is meticulously executed with a passion for our craft and pride for our work.  Donna Giordano is personally involved in the training of the sewing staff so that excellence in fabrication can continue.

We can perform any and all of the necessary functions of bringing beautiful window treatments and bedding to your home or business space including measuring, helping with design ideas, wonderful hardware resources, high quality blinds, shades and shutters, and expert installations. Visit our Hunter Douglas site here.



Donna Giordano –

Donna is Version 3the boss lady. She has been making custom window treatments for the last 25 years. Her passion for all things fabric started when she was about 12 years old making her first curtains for her bedroom out of scraps her mother had. With her eye for detail and love of excellent craftsmanship you can be sure anything coming from her workroom is done beautifully. In addition to quality workroom creations she loves helping clients with color and likes to occasionally refer to herself as the “color queen”. Her years of experience in the design and decorating world give her the knowledge and know how for almost any design project.

When Donna is not bringing interior design joy to her clients you can find her either out enjoying the day in her large garden, hanging out at the horticulture desk with her other Master Gardener friends, practicing her accordion, tap dancing in the kitchen, biking on the Silver Comet or feeding people nice big Italian meals. Oh, did I mention she is training to be a bee keeper?




Carly Koffman –

Carly, Donna’s daughter, does a little of everything at Giordano Window Treatments. Most of the work she handles is behind the scenes. Whether it is creating estimates, filing, social media, or keeping up with the latest from Hunter Douglas, she is on it. Donna also likes to refer to her as the “Tech Team”. She thinks that’s funny… When Carly is not refilling the ink cartridges for Donna, she can be found hanging out in a little place called Adair Park. She lives there with her husband, Bryan and daughter, Piper. Her time is usually spent hanging out with neighbors, reading, and playing Boggle at their local coffee shop. Her hobbies are a little bit more low key than her mother’s. It’s just hard to measure up